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Instituting in all Nations
"A Place of World Faiths"

National Campaign for Ram Rajya
Seven Commandments of Dharma

Betrayal of Gandhi:
who envisioned true democracy


  1. PIL on Right to Information and Reforms through Referendum
  2. (To be filed jointly with People First in various High Courts)
  3. Constitution for Free Bharat (India), 2000  prepared by People First based on Indian ethos and tested details from best functioning democracies
  4. "Gandhian Constitutions for Free India" by Prof Shriman Narayan, published 1946; edited, annotated and republished by People First, 1999
  5. Earth Charter for Global Sustainability: An Indian perspective
  6. Universal Charter of Good Governance
  7. Dharma and Universal Values of Humanism
  8. (Conversions, personal law, education, secularism)
  9. Resolving Kashmir and Tibet discords
  10. Privatisation, Liberalisation and Globalisation
  11. Village, Gandhi and Sustainability

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