STREE SHAKTI, a voluntary organisation focusing on gender issues, is networking with People First, on drawing attention to the widespread failure of governance and empowering women as catalysts for fundamental social change. It will act as a pressure group that would (a) voice their fears and hopes and project their cause at the national and international levels, and (b) provide a platform where women can meet to exchange expertise and experience. It aims to inter-link various forces including educational institutions, writers, journalists, artists, professionals and the corporate world.


 Edited by 
Rekha Mody

 Published by 
Stree Shakti,
8A Middleton St.,
Calcutta, 71

Pages 214
Price Rs 175/-


A QUEST FOR ROOTS outlines the contributions of outstanding women of India from the earliest recorded times to the twentieth century. It reveals that notwithstanding varying social constraints, the women of India not only played the game in men’s terms but have also often excelled. From Prabha Devi to Laxmi Bai, Razia Sultana to Kasturba Gandhi, Amarapali to Smita Patil, Gargi to Rokeya Hossein, the book spans ages and is so far the only of its kind.

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