The Elite Bureaucracy

All India and state services are a colonial concept of elite cadres for neutralising local politicians and ruling over the common people. They are being abused in a democracy through the weapon of transfers.

As a first step to bureaucratic reforms, recruitment to All India and State Services should be suspended for, say, five years. During this period, the nation can plan how the state bureaucracy should be restructured.

Departmental heads may be appointed through open selection on contract with approval of and terminable by the elected body. Some local communities may choose to elect key ones such as the police chief from pre-qualified panels. Such functionaries will, as a consequence, be accountable to the people, protect their subordinates from political abuse, and ensure speedy and fair disposal of business.



The leaders who opposed panchayats when the Constitution was being drafted are still revered as gods. After 40 years, the Constitution was amended to provide for perverted panchayats. This proves that they were wrong but Gandhi remains buried.

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