Police, Justice --- Criminalisation

The government has rightly shelved the report of the National Police Commission. It would have strengthened the police bureaucracy, without making it accountable to the people.

The problem truly is remote control democracy. Corrupt police inspectors tie up with petty politicians and criminals and neutralise the district head to secure favoured postings. This initiates criminalisation of politics leading to transfer of honest district heads of police and justice while the corrupt prosper! District heads too have now joined the abuse.

In a democracy, police and justice should be under local control. Their district chiefs should be on contract appointed and removable with the approval of the elected body. They will then be professionally accountable to the people, protect their subordinates from political abuse, and the people from harassment.

The elected district governor, district judge and district police chief will then work as a team, ensure required budget, resolve bottlenecks, and innovate, such as temporary courts or reverting power to villages, to ensure proper investigation and speedy justice.

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