Institutions, Autonomy

and Governance

A seminar on Institutions, Autonomy and Governance was jointly organised by Stree Shakti (gender issues), Elaan (media issues), and People First at the India International Centre on October 28, 1999. Eminent scholars, professionals and civil society organisations participated.

Dr Bajaj (Lady Irwin College), Kavita Sharma (Hindu College), Jaya Srivastava (Ankur) stressed on autonomy promoting accountability in educational institutions. Eminent scholar Dr VN Mishra talked of dead laws causing obstruction. Many speakers talked of collapse in governance due to exploitative colonial institution and archaic practices.

Dr Kapila Vatsyan said that instead of "centres of excellence", we are witnessing "Shrinking islands" due to interference, archaic laws and lack of autonomy. Rekha Modi of Stree Shakti and Kaamna Prasad of Elan proposed instituting a forum for addressing these issues.

As a follow up, a Forum for Autonomy, institutions and Reforms (FAIR) was launched.

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