Ideological Options

The ideological options available to humanity are (1) Western capitalist democracy, (2) Soviet socialism, (3) Third world socialist pseudo democracy, (4) Chinese fascism, and (5) Gandhian democracy.

Western democracies are good, except for unbridled rights permitted to individuals on resources, business and wealth, leading to unsustainable consumption patterns and exploitation of weak nations. Soviet socialism has collapsed.

Third world pseudo democracies based on colonial institutions, Soviet practises and a mixed-up ideology have faltered. They are now drifting towards a foreign investment based neo-colonialism.

Many praise the Chinese model. With a single party rule, rightist economic model and a powerful war machine, it truly represents neo-fascism fostering widespread abuse and human rights violations.

Gandhian democracy has great similarity with best democracies of the world such as the Swiss. Gandhi added some powerful features for containing consumption and promoting social justice and equity. It therefore is post-modern.

In Gandhian democracy, power flows upward from the people. Under the surveillance of empowered local communities, it nurtures ethics, responsible business practices, and sustainable consumption patterns. It promotes self-reliance and truly symbolises the ideology for the next millennium.

"Given independence", said Winston Churchill, "these brown Indians not knowing how to govern, will destroy themselves." We could have proved him wrong if only we had listened to Gandhi.


The Prime Minister, in his address to the nation on Independence Day this year, said that retaining colonial practices after independence had been a grave mistake. Will he institute Ram Raj in the Constitution? It is only after building the NATION TEMPLE will society have the moral basis to even talk of any other temple site.

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