1. Does India need Ram Raj?
  2. Invoking India’s Spirit; A Solution for Beleaguered Pakistan.
  3. An Illegitimate Constitution; Westminster System; Panchayati Mis-Rule; Destruction Economics.
  4. Universal Democracy; Conscience Keeper of the State; Supreme Public Interest.
  5. Centre Rejects MP Information Law; Planning Khajurao; Dharma and Development; Police, Justice --- Criminalisation; Colonial Financial Year.
  6. Macaulay’s Children; Land Scams; Forest-Water Abuse; Literacy, Healthcare --- Population; The Untouchables; Institutions, Autonomy and Governance; UNDP castigates Corruption in South Asia.
  7. Legislators abuse their Mandate; Damn the Dams; National Blunders; Religious Conversions; Indian Industry Trembles; The Elite Bureaucracy.
  8. Divide to Rule by Reservations; Political Parties must Respond; Is India Secular? Women Power; Nation-wide Movement by Panchayat Parishad.

Federalism v/s Democracy

Democracy is deeper than federalism. In a democracy, local entities, not states alone, enjoy autonomy while autocratic states can federate to form a union and rule over local entities. We need democracy, not federalism.

A De Gaulle Gambit

France faced recurring instability in the 1960s. De Gaulle dissolved the parliament, directed referendums for reforms and got reelected for two terms. Our disease is deeper. Our Prime Minister should institute an institutional mechanism for reforms through referendums and get reelected as the chief executive to rebuild the nation.

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