An Illegitimate Constitution 

A fraud on the people

The Constitution was authenticated in the name of "We, the people". What did we give to ourselves? We assigned all our resources to the union and state governments, authorised our elected representatives to take all decisions on our behalf, and allowed them to keep them secret from us. We enabled them to appoint an overbearing bureaucracy not accountable to us, and to abuse it to rule over us at the local level. We, the people, may be poor and illiterate, but would have to be morons to give to ourselves, such an anti-people Constitution. Based on exploitative colonial institutions, it was clearly imposed on us. This is similar to an agent usurping property by fraudulently obtaining the thumb impression of the client. The people were betrayed. The legitimacy of the Constitution, authenticated in the name of the people in violation of their trust, is questionable.


The colonial ghost still rules us. The elected servants have become the virtual masters, and the appointed servants behave as though they are the masters of the people.

Except for fundamental rights declared sacrosanct by the Supreme Court, the Constitution is intrinsically faulty and a fraud on the people of India. A frog swims happily in a tumbler of water being heated, until it boils! The nation kept degenerating since independence. Today, it is boiling. Unless the Constitution is corrected soon, anarchy will overtake us. "We, the people" have the responsibility to correct it.

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